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MOHS Skin Cancer Treatments for San Antonio, Texas

Skin Cancer is More Common Than You Realize

Given the statistics offered by the American Cancer Society, there’s a pretty high likelihood that your friend or family member has skin cancer. The ACS estimates that more than 3.5 million cases of non-melanoma cancers and more than 76,000 instances of melanoma were diagnosed in 2013 alone.
Skin cancer can be avoided through excellent skin treatments, but there’s a good possibility that you will encounter it at some point. Work with San Antonio Skin & Cancer Clinic to make sure that you’re in the best hands possible.

Mount the Best Defense With Mohs Procedures

Your skin is complicated. Instead of just being one big sheet of flesh, your skin is actually composed of multiple layers that each has its own systems and needs. Whereas many skin cancer treatments involve cutting out or treating the entire area of affected skin, Mohs treatments attempt to cure the affected area by stripping away the affected skin, layer by layer, until the cancer is completely removed.
Mohs has proven tremendously effective, with cure rates upward of 99 percent for non-melanoma skin cancers. If your skin cancer has turned aggressive, fight fire with fire by getting the absolute best cancer treatment option for your skin.

Providing Detailed Skin Cancer Defenses to You

For nearly 40 years, our teams have helped residents of San Antonio recover from skin cancer of every sort. We're passionate about your ability to live well, and we know that our dedication to your health and good appearance are evident in our comprehensive services.
Early detection and treatment of skin cancer saves lives and minimizes damages. If you suspect that your skin has grown cancerous, please consult with us at your nearest opportunity.

We Will Fight Your Cancer in Every Way Possible

No matter how grievous your skin cancer may be, we will fight it in whatever way we can. We perform Mohs micrographic surgery, excisional surgery and radiation treatments. Our methods remove the cancerous growth, minimize the risk of reoccurrence and leave as little scarring as possible.
Don’t delay in getting treatment. Mohs micrographic surgery is a state-of-the-art treatment for all types of skin cancers. Our team wants to give you the best chance possible at fighting this off and living your life on your terms.
Consult with us today to get the skin cancer treatments you need.
Mohs Skin Cancer 1
Mohs Skin Cancer 1